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Training & Equipping 

We are wholeheartedly trying to walk out Ephesians 4:11 in using our gifts to equip the saints for the work of ministry and for the strengthening of the body of Christ.   ​

​​​We offer a variety of specialized trainings that can be done online and via conference calls, in person, or in your small group or local church. 

We are firm believers in training.We should continually be moving forward (growing and learning) in our walk with The Lord. If you want to know something about a certain subject search out someone who has taken the time to study that subject and learn from them. Learning is a foundational tool in our walk with The Lord!

We offer specialized training in:
Inner Healing and Freedom Ministry- if you feel called to help people on their journey to freedom, we have a unique training established to equip you to assist others through the basic steps of inner healing. We also will help you in the deeper areas of inner healing where you will learn how to deal with specific traumas, how to help recognize and bring forth change in mindsets, and how to minister to people to maintain their freedom. We believe in healing the whole person; spirit, soul, body and mind. We have been trained in many different types of inner healing and freedom ministries. Through our journey we have established an identity based freedom ministry called The New Creation Mission

If you as an individual or you as a church and are interested in us coming in for a training we can do 2-3 day trainings or more in depth week long trainings.

If you live in the Fort Myers/ Naples area contact us for information about local training opportunities. 

How To Hear The Voice of The Lord & Encounter Him "Psalm 19" - This is an exciting training that is done like an intensive. We are located in Fort Myers, one of the most beautiful places in the world. This training is set up to do as a “get away”. Gather up your small group and come to the beach… it is the perfect place to encounter Him. During this training you will learn how to discern His voice,  how to tangibly  experience Him, and how to encounter Him through the beauty of creation.

Don’t worry you will also have some free time to enjoy the beach!


For more information please contact us at ​McCandlessM25@gmail or

(239) 410-6643 or (239) 410-8066

​We also have specialized trainings in the following areas of study:


Knowing Him as The Good Father 




Ministering to People With Addictions

PTSD for Individuals or Families

Ministering to Those in Crisis

Justice & Missions

​Power of The Mind

Encountering Him 

Freedom Ministry 

Pastoring in Today's Times

Being a Solution 

​How to Shift "The Church" 

Five Fold Ministry 

Biblical Prayers (Standing on Promises)

​The Power of The Combination of Prayer and Worship

In Depth Bible Study (ex: SOS, David, Daniel, John,ETC.) 

Life Coaching

Starting/Leading Small Groups