​We have been in ministry for over ten years. Through those years we have developed tools to help people navigate through the journey of life, enabling them to connect deeply with both God & people. We have worked with business leaders, ministry leaders, and people through out the world, helping them navigate through all kinds of seasons, emotions, and circumstances.
We are both trained in pastoral care and inner healing. That combined with the prophetic we are able to offer something most consulting ministries aren’t equipped with.
We specialize in walking through life with people. We care. We are both deeply relational people and value connection.
When you work with us you will receive professional, but also highly relational care. We offer a variety of programs for you to choose from to meet you every need and we are always willing to revaluate your program, as you go through seasonal shifts.
With our Executive Prophetic Consulting program you will also receive prophetic teachings that will help you apply Kingdom principles to your life. 

New Creation Ministries Freedom Ministry 

We are all on a journey of discovering who we are and during that journey we MUST spend time healing from our past. The  process of healing can be long and it is almost always messy but we are willing to get into the trenches with whoever needs help and walk this journey of freedom together! We offer breakthrough sessions that can be done over the phone, one on one sessions in Fort Myers, or three to five day intensives depending on the need. We are trained in SOZO, Splankna, Immanuel Approach, Heart Sync, The Life Model, The Redemptive Gifts, and through each training we have picked up tools to help people on their journey. 

Pastoral Counseling 

We have found a need in the body of Christ for pastoral counseling outside of the local church. Sometimes people need anonymity that, for whatever reason they can't get at their local church. Sometimes people want a fresh perspective, or they just need help during times of transition.  The Lord has gifted us with wisdom on how to counsel people through life’s circumstances, whatever those circumstances may be. We have had success in helping people through messy transitions, addictions of many kinds, marriage issues, overcoming sexual abuse, overcoming domestic violence, how to walk out godly principals in the corporate world, and many other of life's often messy circumstances.

Marriage Counseling 

Our belief is that every marriage is worth saving. Our own marriage is a story of redemption. Together we have overcome every obstacle and with His help, we turned a failing marriage into a thriving one. We believe that every couple should take the time to sit down with someone once or twice a year for a “tune-up”, but as issues arise counseling on a regular basis may be what is needed. Because of this we individualize our sessions around the specific need. 
Sessions can be spaced weekly or monthly, but in a time of severe crisis daily sessions could be needed. We also offer a special 3-5 day marriage intensive that is a beautiful time of renewal and rediscovery!  This is a perfect time to get away in a beautiful place and spend some time reconnecting and fine tuning  your relationship.  Often times marriages fall out of alignment and synchronicity. We specialize in bringing alignment and giving a fresh perspective that will help you reconnect you with one another in intimacy and joy.


Parent Coach   

Parenting is the hardest job we will ever have.  
We specialize in coaching people through a variety of parenting issues. We will help you navigate through the "normal" things that come up with having children like how to balance being a good parent and taking care of yourself and your marriage, to the more difficult times in parenting when you find that your child is in a crisis (of any kind) and you need help navigating through the crisis. We have helped people with many parenting issues through out the years. Although the following is certainly not an exhaustive list it covers the areas where we have received the most training.  
Balance & Alignment: So many families are "burning their candle at both ends" and find themselves completely out of balance and out of alignment. That's where we come in. We can help you see what has gotten you "out of balance" and help you gain a plan to bring your family back into alignment! 
Addictions: When you find out that your child (of any age) is addicted to anything, you need help and support. We can help you navigate through the healing process for them and the rest of your family. Addictions effect everyone in the home, and is a major cause stress and tension. In worse cases dealing with a child with an addiction can cause the family to separate and for the other children to begin to resent and even pick up the habits that drew attention to their sibling.
Bullying: ​In today's world bullying is at an all time high, especially with the internet and social media. We can help you (and your child) walk through healing and give you practical steps to help in your situation. 
Sexual Abuse: Unfortunately, we are often needed to come in and help families heal when sexual abuse is reported by their child. This needs dealt with quickly. Not only does the child need help, but the parents need equipped with how to best help the healing come forth from this terrible situation. 
Emotional Issues: Today, more than ever, children are dealing with MANY emotional issues, from autism,  anxiety, depression, self-hatred, self mutilation, and many other forms of emotional issues. 

We have been trained with tools to help you, help your child find the pathway from any negative emotion back, to peace and joy. These tools in themselves will help the family not implode or shut down in dealing with a child that has emotional issues.
Dealing with the whole family in times of crisis: Whatever the crisis you are currently facing, one thing is sure... it is effecting everyone in your home.  When issues arise with one child, we often miss how it effects the other children in the home.  The ripple effect creates a cause and effect that is not noticed immediately or possibly even years. It is in those times that fresh eyes are needed to help you see the gaps, and then help you get a plan together to deal with those gaps. 
Adoption: Although in most cases, adoption is a beautiful experience that comes with minimal challenges. We have found that there are a large number of occasions when an adoption occurs that families suffer tremendous amounts of stress and even trauma.  Sadly, because of the harsh environments that some of these children have been brought up in, the homes that they are placed in,  are not equipped to help them. We have spent a lot of time studying and going to trainings to learn how to equip whole families when adoptions do not go as smoothly as hoped for. We have been able to help several families work through some very hard events that occurred through their adoption. One issue that we have found is that very few people are open to talking about the issues that come with adopting.   Because of this parents often feel guilt and shame when having feelings of regret, and/or not feeling equipped to handle situations that may arise

3, 5, & 7 Day Intensives

We offer 3-5 Day Individualized Intensives for individuals, couples, or small groups in Fort Myers Fl.
Our intensives are designed for people that want personal ministry but live outside of Fort Myers area. Instead of meeting weekly over the course of several months, we set 3-5 days aside (depending on the need) and spend those days with you. 
Our intensives are set up based on an individuals need, but are offered in; Marriage Counseling, Inner Healing, Freedom Ministry, Dealing with Addictions, PTSD, families coping with adoption issues, Family Issues & Crisis's, and training for individuals or small groups.   
We also do specialized training intensives for people desiring training in; inner healing, how to hear from God, deliverance, healing the whole person, the power of the mind, identity, encounter, just to name a few. 
The 3-5 Day Individualized Intensives are a great way to " get away" and receive  breakthrough. We are located in the beautiful Fort Myers area where we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. ​The cost of the intensives vary by need but usually run from $450-$850 depending on the length of the intensive. This does not include your room or food. However, we do have an option with housing... you can contact us for more details. 

The New Creation School of Ministry

The New Creation School of Ministry is our baby. Right now our classes are only available online. However, our long term vision is a brick & mortar school in SWFL. 

The Bridge

The Bridge is our monthly service at The Vineyard that's purpose is to connect our community in teachings, prayer, worship & outreach. The Bridge meets on the 4th Sunday evening of each month at 6:00pm. 


Contact us for more information!

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