Dustin & Stephanie McCandless 


​(239) 410-6643 or (239) 410-8066


We have six beautiful children; Destinee, Sami, Ryan, Kayne, Kaylee, & Anna. This spring we will be officially adding Josh to our family when Destinee and Josh get married on April 23rd!

Josh and Destinee will be making their home in Pensacola, Florida.

Samantha is attending Pensacola State  for nursing school.

This is a big adjustment to our family as it will be the first time we aren't all in one place.  

The Lord has spoken to us that we are raising leaders.

When you are raising leaders you have to let them begin to do just that!

Kaylee’s prayer everyday is that she will help end slavery.  

We pray everyday that we can steward our children’s lives in such away that they know they can accomplish ANYTHING the Lord calls them to do!


Our Christmas Picture from 2014

Meet Our Family 

From left to right; Josh Harden, Destinee (soon to be Harden), Kayne, Dusty, Stephanie, Kaylee, Sami, Ryan, and front and center Anna Grace.

Our Christmas picture from 2013​