We have been married since 2002. In 2005 Dusty was “called into ministry”. Since that time we have worked as pastors, planted a small church, served as leaders in a House of Prayer, and served in several justice & missions ministries and projects. Dusty is a shepherd with a heart for people in every aspect of their journey.  Stephanie’s mission is to see people set free; to be whole and to walk in their identity and call. She is a visionary with a heart for missions.

Our marriage is a strong testimony of redemption and grace. We have been through so much together and we are stronger because of it.  With everything we have walked through (as individuals and as a couple) The Lord has equipped us with tools to bring healing and wholeness to your soul. Wounds in your soul can fester if undealt with and cause anything from depression, fear, addictions, anger, hatred, self-doubt, self-hatred, and many other issues that can keep you from moving forward. 

Our History of Credentials, Trainings, Certificates, Etc.

We are currently ordained through Joan Hunters Ministries.  In the Fall of 2015 we completed Joan Hunters Healing School where both of us received our ordination through that  ministry. 

We have worked for a prophetic ministry where we were training in using the gift of prophecy to help bring alignment into peoples lives. 

We were senior leaders at a House of Prayer in Indiana. During this time we ran internships,  served as Senior Leaders over the pastoral and the evangelism/justice pillar, did inner healing and freedom ministry, we also preached and taught on a regular basis. Before we came on as senior leaders we also completed an internship at The House of Prayer. 

​We have both received certification through CRI (Crisis Response International) and have both deployed with them; Stephanie during the Oklahoma tornados and Dusty to Kurdistan to help with the refugee crisis. Prior to CRI, between the two of us we have served in multiple countries in multiple roles.  Responding in times of crisis is still very much in our hearts.

We have both been through several Immanuel Approach trainings. We have both been trained in SOZO Ministries (from Redding Cal). Stephanie has her certification in Splankna. We have also been trained in Redemptive Gifts, Freedom Ministry, Heart Sync, The Life Model, and Deliverance Ministry. We have a strong desire to see the body of Christ walking in true freedom in their identity as daughters and sons!

We planted a small community church in Southern Indiana. We started the church with just a hand full of families and grew it to a healthy congregation. We led a very active youth group and drama team. We also built a food pantry for the community which not only fed many but also enabled us to build relationships with families in the community. We did a lot of counseling and training for inner-healing. We had a successful women's ministry. We loved pastoring at New Life and were apart of many lives being transformed, which all hold a very special place in our hearts!

We founded a community based outreach ministry in Southern Indiana called Matthew 25 Ministries. We regularly held local outreaches. We also did a number of outreaches on a state-wide, national, and global level.  We have taken several teams to Ghana, West Africa. We love serving God's people in whatever manner He calls us to. 

Dusty has graduated from an internship at Wabash Valley House of Prayer.

Dusty went through Berean School of the Bible and received his certification to pastor through Assemblies of God. He also served as an Associate Pastor before we planted the church in Haubstadt. 

We have both been to many conferences and trainings throughout the years. Stephanie has traveled all over the US to attend Justice Conferences to learn the best way to serve in the area of missions, outreach, and how to live justly. She has also spent countless hours of training in Freedom Ministry, Inner Healing, and counseling. We have both preached and taught at many conferences and retreats. Dusty has attended and spoke at many leadership trainings and conferences for leaders. 

We have also worked on many Walk to Emmaus & Chrysalis teams, where we served mainly as clergy but in other roles as well. The Walk to Emmaus was probably one of our biggest changing moments in our walk. It served as the place that we have made the most long lasting relationships in. We are very grateful for the Emmaus community in Southern Indiana!

​Throughout our journey with God we have continually tried to learn and grow as Christians. We believe in educating yourself through study, through people, and through encounters with Him. We will continue to add to this list as we continue to seek Him.

Although we have been primarily connected to the House of Prayer we our beliefs are more aligned with Bethel in Redding, California, and people like Graham Cooke.   

"​​It is when we realize that our lives aren't a series of hoops to jump through to get right with God  the majority of our mental and emotional capacity is freed up to do awesome things with God & people." 

-Dusty McCandless 


Dustin & Stephanie McCandless 


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