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We offer 3-5 Day Individualized Intensives for individuals, couples, or small groups in Fort Myers Fl.

Our intensives are designed for people that want personal ministry but live outside of Fort Myers area. Instead of meeting weekly over the course of several months, we set 3-5 days aside (depending on the need) and spend those days with you. 

Our intensives are set up based on an individuals need, but are offered in; Marriage Counseling, Inner Healing, Freedom Ministry, Dealing with AddictionsPTSD, families coping with adoption issues, Family Issues & Crisis's, and training for individuals or small groups.   

We also do specialized training intensives for people desiring training in; inner healing, how to hear from God, deliverance, healing the whole person, the power of the mind, identity, encounter, just to name a few

The 3-5 Day Individualized Intensives are a great way to " get away" and receive  breakthrough. We are located in the beautiful Fort Myers area where we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

​The cost of the intensives vary by need but usually run from $450-$850 depending on the length of the intensive. This does not include your room or food. However, we do have an option with housing... you can contact us for more details. 

Contact us for more information at McCandlessM25@Gmail.com

(239) 410-6643 or (239) 410-8066

3-5 Day Intensives